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Item No: sg84010
Item Name: BMW E9X 335 Oil Cooler Upgrade Kit
  The N54 engine equipped E9X 335i is reknowned for its excellent performance and the ability to custom tune for more horsepower. Unfortunately, it is also known for oil cooling deficiencies that can reduce horsepower output and potentially compromise engine longevity, especially when driven enthusiastically or when boost is increased. To help maximize the power of your BMW, this kit adds a second oil cooler behind the kidney grills in addition to the factory oil cooler. This not only increases the cooling capacity, but more than DOUBLES it! Our kit provides the factory oil cooler with much more airflow then what is available in the fender wells.
  What is included?

1.aluminum oil filter housing adapter - CNC'd, anodized black *1

2. Oil cooler which is made in Taiwan *1

3. Oil lines made from lightweight stainless braided hose, with colored swivel fittings. *2

4. An10 fitting *4